Now Available: An (Almost) Free Vacation

Good deals are hard to pass up, and I just ran into one tonight while randomly seeking out my next vacation destination.

It’s no secret that I love using PLAY Airline in order to see the world. The flights are just so cheap while still being exceptionally awesome. Tonight, when shopping on, I was greeted with a new dialog box that I haven’t seen before.

It’s pretty obvious what this means. I’ve thought about how great of an option this would be, but was never presented with the opportunity before. Now, they offer it!

The Set Up

All PLAY Airlines flights from the USA lay over in Iceland at Keflavik International Airport (KEF). You’re normally there for around an hour, then you board a plane that will take you to your final destination. The new option to Add a stopover in Iceland will allow you to exit KEF for up to 10 days and enjoy Iceland. Then, return to KEF to resume your trip to its final destination.

Before this option, you would have to book a round trip from the USA to KEF for, let’s say, 15 days. Then inside of that 15 days, book another round trip to a destination of your choice, which incurs more fees.

Sightsee On Vacation #1

Once you exit KEF, you can get to the capital of Iceland by using one of the following methods provided by GetYourGuide, or rent a car. These options are covered fairly well in A Guide to Your First Day in Iceland.

Continue On To Vacation #2

Once you’re done with your “stopover” in Iceland, head back to KEF with your bags and continue on to your final destination. On the way back, choose to stay in Iceland again, or just come on home.

It’s quite the value!

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    March 23, 2024

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