About Travis

Hello, I’m Travis, and I’m here to inspire you with my story. From a young age, I cultivated a sense of curiosity that made me to question everything around me. I believe that understanding different perspectives is essential to not only learning, but also growing as an individual. With these mindsets, I began to reverse engineer concepts and products, becoming a self-taught professional at my own pace.

Although I went to college, I soon realized that traditional education wasn’t for me. Instead, I took control of my own learning with self study. I started testing out of classes in which I wasn’t learning anything and working full-time to pay bills and become independent. Even though I never finished my degree, I don’t view myself as a college dropout. Rather, I see myself as someone who chose a different path towards their goals. You too have the power to pursue your passions and do what works best for you. Don’t let anyone else’s expectations stand in your way.


Autodidacts are individuals who choose the subject they will study, their studying material, and the studying rhythm and time. Autodidacts may or may not have formal education, and their study may be either a complement or an alternative to formal education.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Spirit

Looking back at my career journey, I can see my diverse roles in fast food, banking, marketing, sales, event DJ’ing, and corporate IT environment as stepping stones that built me up to be the entrepreneur I am today. I cherish all of these experiences as they taught me valuable lessons that became the building blocks of my own businesses.

Passionate about business ownership, I took a leap of faith in 2017 and quit my corporate job to pursue my dreams. Once unchained from the corporate environment, I founded a successful B2B IT firm and began two additional IT ventures in the same year. Reflecting on my hard work and persistence, I am proud to say that all three businesses have stood the test of time.

Entrepreneurship is a journey of learning, passionate involvement, and resilience. I am grateful for the experiences that led me to this path and would encourage others to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit too. Success comes to those who never give up on their dreams and keep pushing towards their goals. Even when others around you can’t fully comprehend the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay in your own lane and keep your head forward.

Weekends are for working. Not every weekend, but most. Work on the weekend so you can afford to take weeks off. Pick a profitable side gig and hustle like there's no tomorrow. But rememeber two things: it must be something you are passionate about and it must be profitable. Do your market research and stop feeling like you're actually working. Do something fun!

More Than Enough Going On

My weekdays were full of work and I knew I needed to find something that would challenge and inspire me. That’s when I decided to turn my weekends into opportunities for growth. In 2018, I founded Epic Media, LLC and dove into wedding videography. Through hard work and determination, I made it a success!

But that was just the beginning. I also decided to explore the photo booth industry and built the amazing Magic Mirror photo booth in my own garage. Seeing it in action at hundreds of events and watching it be a huge hit is a feeling like no other. And now, in 2023, I have added one more photo booth to the lineup.

Why I Travel

Traveling is a challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace. From planning itineraries and booking flights to navigating new cultures and languages – every trip is an opportunity to grow and learn. I am constantly testing my frugality by trying to create unforgettable experiences on a budget.

I thrive on researching all aspects of a new destination and figuring out the best way to immerse myself in the local culture. Trying new foods, exploring alone or in a group, and taking the path less traveled are what excites me. The joy and satisfaction of overcoming these challenges and experiencing all that a new place has to offer is what keeps me motivated to continue planning my next adventure.

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