Car Rentals: Thinking Outside the Box


When many people think: rental car, they think about Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo, Sixt, etc.

But let’s add another way of renting a car to your arsenal.

Turo Has Entered the Chat

Hear me out: As an analogy, AirBnb has some advantages over traditional hotel stays. Unique locations and floor plans, extra amenities unseen in hotels, more rooms for more guests, better privacy, and sometimes a cheaper price. Any even though many times you can skip a formal check-in and just type in a code at the front door, you may also encounter a unique and personal experience with the property owner.

Turo is for cars as AirBnb is for lodging. So, what does that mean? On Turo, you can rent a car for cheaper and more conveniently than rental car agencies. And the options are endless. With Turo, gone are the days in which you wanted a Camry but were given a Malibu.

Turo Price Comparison

2022 Toyota Camry @ Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA)

For example, we rented the 2022 Toyota Camry above from Mark on Turo. The base price on Turo was $319.00 for the length of our rental.

Rental Car Agencies

Here are some corporate rental car agencies’ prices:

  • Sorted from cheapest to most expensive (total)
  • $495.96 – Sixt (Toyota Corolla): $337.78 base + $65.10 taxes + $37.52 airport concession recovery fee + $42.00 rental facility charge + $13.56 Maricopa Stadium tax
  • $507.66 – Alamo (Toyota Corolla): $370.00 base + $137.66 taxes and fees
  • $647.39 – Enterprise (Nissan Maxima): $477.92 base + $169.47 taxes and fees
  • $678.07 – Hertz (Nissan Maxima): $451.52 + $89.44 taxes + $53.13 airport concession fee + $42.00 customer facility charge + $6.66 operation/maintenance recovery
  • $691.13 – Budget (Toyota Corolla): $401.99 base + $69.65 rental options* + $219.49 taxes and fees

* To be quite honest, I have no clue why Budget threw $69.65 in “rental options” onto my test rental, because I added zero additional features or amenities.

As you can see, before any taxes or fees, Turo is already cheaper. And this just happened to be the car we’re using in the example here. You want cheaper? There are tons of cheaper cars available than a Toyota Camry. You want to rent a Lamborghini? A McLaren? It’s yours on Turo!

Turo Wins

So what was my total for renting the 2022 Toyota Camry via Turo? After paying for insurance and delivery to the airport parking garage, my total was $443.66!

I rent cars from Turo all the time. It’s a great way to support small businesses, even if the owner of the vehicle may only have a fleet of one or two. It’s their side gig. Support them!

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